4月のTwitterの米ビジター数は前月から83%、前年同月から3000%増加した。Twitterの爆発的な成長は続いており、過去2カ月で米ビジター数が4倍以上に増えた。調査会社comScoreが5月12日に報告した。comScoreのデータによると、4月のTwitterの米ビジター数は1700万人。前月からは83%、前年同月からは3000%の増加という。 Quadruples to 17 Million U.S. Visitors in Last Two Months
By Andrew Lipsman – May 12, 2009

Well, Twitter has done it again. Within a few short months this relative newbie on the social media scene has gone from having a modest following to being a decidedly mainstream Web attraction. Of course, this rush of new followers probably would not have occurred without rampant media exposure and an army of high-profile celebrity users. And getting featured by Oprah doesn’t hurt…

The result of all this attention, according to just-released April 2009 U.S. comScore Media Metrix data, was another huge jump in visitors to during the month. Its 17 million U.S. visitors in April represents an 83% gain vs. March and a 3,000% gain vs. year ago. In fact, the past two months have seen such a flood of traffic to that it has more than quadrupled its audience during that brief period of time, literally unprecedented growth for a site whose audience already numbers in the millions.